We help federal government contractors tackle the challenge of complying with the broad and complex set of pricing, accounting, and billing regulations, while at the same time bringing a business minded approach to solving these requirements to meet the compliance and profitability objectives of our clients.

The Victura Experience

Our team is comprised of individuals whose sole focus is to provide service that exceeds our client’s expectations.  We serve clients ranging from middle-market ($100 million to $3 billion in revenue) to Fortune 50 companies.   Our teams’ breadth of experience in assisting clients over the past 30 years with a wide array of government contracting related issues and matters has provided us with an extensive knowledge base to draw upon to provide workable, reasonable and compliant solutions for our client’s government contracting challenges.  Our professionals have deep subject matter expertise in bridging the gap between financial accounting and government contract accounting requirements, as well as, the associated internal control, corporate governance and risk management aspects of maintaining an overall compliant government contract accounting system.

Our professionals have a wide breadth of expertise including certified public accountants, forensic accountants and government contract regulatory compliance experts.  Additionally, our professionals have deep technology skills that allow our team to manage and extract information from large data sets to provide a more thorough, complete and accurate analyses.  This unique blend of expertise provides us with the knowledge and capability to provide our clients with efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions.

Our Expertise

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

FAR Agency Supplements (e.g., DFARS, GSAM, HHSAR, VAAR, etc.)

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS)

Truthful Cost or Pricing Data (formerly, Truth in Negotiations Act “TINA”)

Internal Control Design & Implementation

VA & GSA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contracts

Our Process


Engagements typically commence with an initial discovery and assessment phase to understand the client’s specific federal government contract issues, business needs, timelines, budget constraints, and desired outcomes in order to determine the appropriate services and impactful solutions that we can offer.

Plan of Action

Utilizing the information obtained from the Assessment, our team will develop a Plan of Action (i.e., work plan) to address and resolve the client’s challenge. The Plan of Action is developed based on the factors that are most important to your Company (e.g., speed of implementation, balancing internal vs. external work effort, cost recovery, administrative burden, compliance risk, etc.).


Based on the defined work plan we will assemble a Victura Team best suited to exceed our Client’s expectation. We leverage our regulatory expertise, practical business sense, and technology skills to work with your team to efficiently and effectively implement the identified Plan of Action.

Knowledge Transfer

Following completion of the Plan of Action, knowledge transfer from Victura to your staff is a key step to help sustain your Company’s on-going success. We will help facilitate this process in a manner that is most conducive for your team (e.g., walking through models, on-site trainings, webinars, transfer of work papers, developing procedures, etc.)

Ongoing Support

Victura’s business relationships are not based on ‘One and Done’ projects. Instead, we strive to maintain on-going relationships and serve as a readily available and reliable resource for your future business needs. Many of our existing Client relationships span many years (in some cases decades), in which we have provided on-going assistance for their key Government contracting needs.

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