Change Order Proposals & Claims

Change orders in connection with federal government contracts are inevitable.  Timely identification and quantification of the financial impact associated with contract change orders is critical to the successful and profitable performance of contracts.  Victura assists clients with processes for identifying and managing the contract change order process, including preparation of Requests for Equitable Adjustments (REAs).  

Our services include:

Establish contract change order processing procedures

Victura has extensive experience in assisting contractors to establish and implement necessary processes, procedures and controls for the identification and management of contract changes.

Quantification of financial impact (additive or deductive) to existing contract value

Our professionals assist Clients in identifying the incremental impacts to cost (increase or decrease) resulting from requested changes by the government.

Preparation of Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA) proposal

Our services include drafting of the REA proposal to include the necessary cost templates, Basis of Estimate (BOE) narrative and other necessary documentation to facilitate the review and approval by the government.

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