CAS Disclosure Statement Preparation

Victura assists contractors to prepare and/or revise their Cost Accounting Standard Board Disclosure Statements (Form CASB DS-1).  Our professionals assist clients to navigate this form and avoid the common pitfalls in preparing an adequate Disclosure Statement (DS).

Our services include:

Initial Assessment

Victura reviews the client’s existing CAS Disclosure Statement (DS) and/or cost accounting practices. It is key to identify and distinguish CAS accounting practices from financial reporting accounting practices.

Preparing the CASB Disclosure Statement (DS)

Our team meets appropriate client personnel to discuss the fundamental requirements of each of the eight (8) DS Parts and assist with drafting disclosures.

Ongoing Maintenance

Victura works with Clients to determine when government cost accounting practice changes occur and when revisions to the CASB DS are required. Victura assists with drafting and incorporating edits.

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