Manufacturers are the traditional government contractors and increasingly face new and complex challenges for meeting the FAR and CAS accounting requirements with the shifting conversion from a labor based or manual intensive process to a highly automated manufacturing process with minimal labor requirements.


The Federal Government’s demand for manufactured products extends well beyond just military products.  The breadth of products that the Federal Government purchases ranges from sophisticated electronics to office furniture and supplies.  As a result, there is always opportunity for manufacturers of all types to diversify their customer base and participate in selling to the Federal Government.  We understand the key strategic issues and organizational challenges that manufacturers who are federal contractors face and leverage our experience and expertise to meet these challenges

Representative Industries Served

Aerospace & Defense

Office Furniture and Equipment

Medical Supply & Device Manufacturers

Electronics and Communications


Precision Machining and Fabrication

Services Include

Assistance with obtaining and maintaining GSA/VA Schedules

Cost Accounting Structure Design & Redesign

Bid and Proposal Preparation

Business System Compliance Assessment & Enhancement

Price Reduction Clause (PRC)

Trade Agreements Act (TAA)

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