Business Systems Compliance Assessments & Enhancement

Victura can assist companies in assessing, enhancing, and maintaining business systems (i.e., accounting, materials management, property management, purchasing, estimating, etc.) to comply with DFARS requirements.

Our services include:

Mock audits or gap assessments

Victura performs reviews of a contractor’s existing business systems to assess whether the established controls are operating effectively and meet the applicable DFAR business system requirements.

Corrective Actions

For known gaps in a contractor’s business systems or those identified as a result of a Compliance Gap Assessment, Victura has extensive experience in assisting contractors develop or enhance and implement the necessary policies, procedures and practices needed to meet the DFAR business system requirements.

Audit responses or rebuttals

As a result of a Business Systems audit by the DCAA, DCMA or OIG, findings may result from the government audit that may not be accurate, correct or proper based on the contractor’s actual Business System.  Victura routinely assists contractors with responding to a wide breadth of government audit findings including Business Systems Audits.  Typically, we assist contractors with draft preparation of responses and rebuttals to the audit findings.

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