Cost Impact Statement Preparation

For contractors’ subject to full coverage with the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS), it is inevitable that an accounting practice change will occur, which will necessitate the preparation of a Cost Impact Proposal to the Government.  Victura assists clients in the preparation of Cost Impact Statements ranging from General Dollar Magnitude (GDM) impact to Detailed Cost Impact (DCI) (i.e., contract specific) calculations.

Our services include:

Calculation of pro-forma impact to indirect cost rates.

Victura assists contractors in the calculation of the “before” and “after” indirect rate calculations resulting from the cost accounting practice change necessary to quantify the resulting cost impact.

Assistance in the identification of the CAS covered contracts.

Victura assists contractors with the identification of the CAS covered contracts, which many times is a more complex exercise than would appear on the surface.

Assistance with Cost Impact Calculation amount

Victura assists with the quantification of the resulting impact of the cost accounting practice change to the remaining unfinished portion of applicable CAS covered contracts.  For established contractors with multiple CAS covered contracts, this can be a complex exercise to complete.

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