Professional Services

The majority of total Federal procurement is now for services as opposed to products. The Federal Government is one of the largest consumers of Professional Services.  For commercial organizations with little to no federal government contract experience, understanding the myriad of rules and regulations associated with federal contracts such as the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) or Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) can be daunting.

Professional Services

Our team has extensive experience assisting professional services firms in a variety of industries to successfully navigate the complex regulations efficiently and effectively throughout the full contract life cycle. The wide array of professional service firms that we have assisted provide us a deep knowledge base to develop solutions that are strategic, compliant and successful.

Representative Industries Served:

Architecture & Engineering

Commercial Real Estate

Advertising & Market Research

IT Consulting / Systems Integration

Engineering & Construction

Energy & Infrastructure

Engineering Testing Laboratories

Services Include

New Contract Assistance

Cost Accounting Structure Design & Redesign

Bid & Proposal Preparation

Government Audit & Investigation Assistance

Price Reduction Clause

Trade Agreement Act Compliance

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