Price Reduction Clause

Commonly referred to as the “Most Favored Customer” regulation, Victura leverages our regulatory expertise, practical business sense, and technology skills to effectively and efficiently analyze large volumes of complex data and develop processes/strategies to help Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contractors manage their compliance with the Price Reductions Clause (PRC).

Our services include:

Pre-award assistance

Effective mitigation of the Price Reduction Clause (PRC) risk begins with the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) proposal and preparation of the Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) Disclosures.  Our team also assists to identify and define the appropriate tracking customer(s) for purposes of the PRC.

Post-award / Contractor Administration assistance

Our team designs / develops procedures and systems to effectively monitor commercial sales transactions in order to maintain compliance with the PRC.

Audit, Dispute, or Investigation Response and Rebuttal

During contract performance, our team can assist with responding to government audit requests to findings of alleged noncompliance.  These services can range from the preparation of the requested information, to the analysis and preparation of responses and rebuttal of alleged findings.  

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