Katie Moloney



Katie Moloney has assisted a variety of different companies across multiple industries including Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications, Manufacturing and Healthcare to comply with the requirements of doing business with the Federal Government.  Katie has used her Excel and SQL Server skills to develop complex financial and analytical models for multiple clients. She continues to assist one of her main clients, a large Pharmaceutical conglomerate, to track quarterly project accounting on a significant Government contract with the U.S. Military. She assisted the same client by preparing a price proposal for their next Federal Government Contract, which included developing the cost support and conducting research on comparable products. Katie has also assisted clients with drafting policies, procedures, Cost Accounting Standard Disclosure Statements, calculating impacts as a result of Government audit findings, and developing Business System Assessment tools.

Prior to starting her role as a full-time consultant in 2018, Katie joined Victura as an intern. Throughout her internship, Katie had the opportunity to take over a pharmaceutical client’s project accounting database and learn about the manufacturing process of an important U.S. Military vaccine.

Katie received a B.S.B. in Finance from DePaul University.

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